Rolling Tworistas are Justin and Vange, two former hotel concierges married since 2005. This bicultural couple are Foodies and Travel Lovers based in Los Angeles, CA.


JUSTIN REGIS is a Seattle, WA native that runs Regis Social Media. (Yes, he’s an enthusiastic Seahawks Fan). He enjoys spending time at home, feels attracted to salsa (Yes, the dance and the sauce). Justin loves to listen to all kinds of music and absolutely loves tortillas. He’ll make any kind of taco no matter how weird the combination. Justin likes food, he just does, and even though he eats healthy *most* of the time, he has no problem trying just about anything, especially when his brothers-in-law that come visit from Sydney and Port Saint Lucie respectively take him out to dinner.

Justin served as Chief Concierge of the Historic MayFlower Park Hotel, he also worked as a Corporate as well as a Condominium Concierge in Seattle, WA. He was one of the kind faces that welcomed hundreds of Concierges from all over the Americas during the opening night of the Pan-American Concierge Congress (Convention) at the Seattle Art Museum in Seattle back in 1998 where he first met Vange.

His favorite exclamation line when frustrated is definitely ¡Chihuahuas!

He’s the kind of guy that when he’s tired, would make himself comfortable just about anywhere. Although his favorite place to pass out is the living room couch. Comfy!


VANGE TAPIA  was born and raised in Mexico City. She’s an actress and VO Talent. She also hosts and writes travel videos & journals for Brand USA/Discover America, Noti Satelite Turístico and others. Although when at home or on her own she eats vegan and organic most of the time, she respects cultures and certain traditions and occasionally would dare to try something else.

Vange was one of the first Golden Keys Concierge members (Les Clefs D’Or Internationale) in her Home Country of Mexico. She has worked in luxury 5-star hotels from Internationally renowned hotel chains such as Intercontinental, Hyatt, Grand Bay  & Rosewood. She was the President of the Concierge Guild in Los Cabos, Mexico. Vange was also invited to be part of the Concierge Team during the launching of the exclusive “Centurion” black card for American Express Mexico.

She loves languages, she is fluent in Spanish, English & French plus conversational Italian, she also loves films and traveling. Even when she’s not quite finished with one adventure she’s already planning the next one.

She thinks being married to a foreigner is the coolest thing in the whole world. (Justin agrees but keeps reminding her that she’s the foreigner).


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